Rev 9 Recording is a world class recording and mixing facility located in the heart of Hollywood, California. It was built in the same building that used to house the famous "Radio Recorders" in 2008. Since the studio’s inception, it quickly gained the reputation of being one of the best recording studios in the Los Angeles area. Using state of the art equipment, our seasoned engineers excel at producing top notch sounds to meet the needs of the industry’s most demanding artists. Between the uncompromising emphasis on audio quality, as well as the ability to budget projects at realistic prices, Rev 9 recording is quickly changing the way people view professional studios.

At the core of Rev 9 are  producers/owners/engineers Daniel Balistocky and Jason Gochin. Daniel and Jason, have gained notoriety by working with a diverse set of artists ranging from Unwritten Law to Eddie Van Halen, from Reverend Run to Metro Station (full client list here). After spending more than a decade working in the music industry, Danny and Jason saw the best and worst sides of the recording industry. And by 2008 the two decided to collaborate and build Rev 9 Recording. Rev 9, is a contemporary recording studio with a fresh feel and modern vibe. Accompanying that vibe, is the premier level of quality expected from a classic high-end recording studio.

Danny and Jason, specialize in all contemporary styles of music. From classical to hip hop to pop to punk rock or anything else, you can rest assured that your music is in the hands of a seasoned professional.  Additionally, at Rev 9 every client is provided with an in depth consultation to address the unique needs of their project. It doesn’t matter whether you are backed by a record label, or if you are an unsigned artist or band who is yet to be discovered. Whether you need a “radio ready” mix, or a cost effective way to approach your project, you will always be greeted with the attitude and extraordinary vibe for which Rev 9 Recording has become known for.